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If you suffer from overly large breasts, you know that they can cause physical limitations and discomfort as well as emotional stress. Dr. Mrudangi Thakur helps patients achieve a more comfortable breast size through breast reduction surgery at Mrudangi Thakur Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery PC in Jefferson Valley, New York, and Middletown, New York.

Breast Reduction Q & A

What is breast reduction surgery?

Dr. Thakur performs breast reduction surgery, or reduction mammoplasty, to reduce the size of the breasts in both men and women who are not satisfied with their current breast size. The procedure involves removing excess tissue and skin to achieve a breast size that’s proportionate to your body type and shape.

If your breast size hinders your movement or affects your self-esteem, breast reduction surgery is a safe way to regain your confidence and physical ability.

Why is breast reduction surgery performed?

Overly large breasts can cause discomfort and health problems; the weight of your breasts can impair your ability to lead an active life. Common symptoms of excessively large breasts include:

  • Persistent backache
  • Bra strap irritation
  • Rashes on the breasts

Reduction in breast size can lead to improved posture and reduced back pain. It can improve body image in those who find their breasts embarrassing or who struggle to feel comfortable in their body or clothing. Sometimes, because breast size can limit physical activity, breast reduction is considered a medical necessity and is covered by insurance.

Dr. Thakur can help you decide if breast reduction surgery is a good option for you.

What can I expect when getting a breast reduction?

During the procedure, Dr. Thakur makes an incision in the breast, usually starting from the nipple and continuing down the breast. Then, she removes the precise amount of excess skin and fat to reach the desired size.

In most cases, the nipple can stay in place if there is not a significant amount of excess skin remaining. Dr. Thakur then closes the incisions.

You will see results immediately, though it may take several weeks for swelling to subside. Dr. Thakur strives to minimize scarring so you can enjoy natural-looking breasts at a size that is more in proportion to your body and preferences.

Take the first step in exploring breast reduction by calling or booking an appointment online at Mrudangi Thakur Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery PC today.

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