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You don’t have to live with drooping or sagging breasts anymore. Dr. Mrudangi Thakur can help you regain firmness and shape in your breasts with a breast lift. This procedure can be performed on its own or in conjunction with a breast augmentation or reduction. At Mrudangi Thakur Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery PC in Jefferson Valley, New York, and Middletown, New York, Dr. Thakur takes great care to ensure that you achieve your ideal breast appearance.

Breast Lift Q & A

What is a breast lift?

Breast lift surgery, or mastopexy, is an excellent solution for women who experience sagging, drooping, or loose skin on the breasts. During the procedure, Dr. Thakur removes excess skin and reshapes your breasts to regain firmness and raise them on your chest.

A breast lift won’t impact the size of your breasts significantly, but it can be performed in conjunction with a breast augmentation or reduction, depending on your goals. Dr. Thakur will create a comprehensive treatment plan to help you achieve the breast shape and size you want.

Who is a good candidate for a breast lift?

The best candidates for breast lifts are those who are dissatisfied with their breasts and have reasonable expectations of the results.

Women who have been pregnant or who suffer from changes in their breasts due to aging and gravity should consider a breast lift. Many people also seek breast lifts following significant weight loss where breast volume has diminished, leaving excess skin behind.

If your breasts are uneven, sag, or point downward, a breast lift may be the best solution for you.

What can I expect when getting a breast lift?

Depending on the extent of the procedure, Dr. Thakur makes an incision either around the areolae, downwards from the areolae, or across the breast tissue. Then, she removes excess skin and reshapes the tissue under the skin. Your nipples may be lifted to a higher position as well. Finally, Dr. Thakur closes the incisions.

Leaving only minimal scarring on the breasts is a high priority for Dr. Thakur, so you can enjoy natural-looking breasts and feel comfortable in your skin. Dr. Thakur provides recommendations on caring for your breasts post-surgery to effectively reduce swelling and maximize healing.

Dr. Mrudangi Thakur has years of experience performing breast lifts and can help you feel more comfortable and confident in your breasts. Call now or book an appointment online for your breast lift consultation.

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