Why Breast Reduction Still Has Such a High Satisfaction Rate

Breast augmentation may be the most requested form of cosmetic breast surgery both in the United States and around the world, but for many women, bigger isn’t always better.

If you’ve been endowed with large breasts, you know firsthand just how tiresome a bigger bust can be — they may leave you feeling self-conscious, give you a chronic backache, prevent you from taking part in certain physical activities, or make it harder to find clothes that flatter your figure.  

Here at Mrudangi Thakur Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery PC in Jefferson Valley, New York, we’ve helped many women — and men — minimize their breast size and acquire the chest profile that best suits their bodies. Find out why virtually all of our patients say they’re so satisfied with their results that they wouldn’t hesitate to do it all over again.

One procedure, two objectives

Breast reduction surgery is a relatively straightforward procedure that removes excess breast fat, glandular tissue, and skin to help you attain a smaller breast size (and more uniform shape) that better matches the proportion of your body frame.

The number of women who’ve made the decision to reduce their breast size has increased dramatically in recent years, with more than 43,600 breast reduction surgeries performed in 2017 alone.

Although many women are primarily motivated by the aesthetic benefits of breast reduction surgery, just as many women are interested in how it will help improve their overall quality of life. Happily, the procedure effectively addresses both cosmetic and functional concerns at the same time, providing an optimal outcome for the vast majority of patients.

So just how high is the patient satisfaction rate for breast reduction surgery? A recent survey found that 95% of women who went through the procedure were very satisfied with their results — both aesthetically and functionally — and wouldn’t think twice about recommending it if asked.

Aesthetic benefits

For many women, having large breasts takes a significant toll on their psychological health and emotional well-being. Women who are self-conscious about the appearance of their chest are more likely to feel embarrassed or develop a poor self-image that may make them less assertive than they might otherwise be.

Breast reduction surgery provides a way for women to attain firm, symmetrical breasts and a more balanced figure that makes them feel more comfortable and confident in their bodies. Improved self-esteem isn’t the only cosmetic-related benefit of breast reduction surgery, however. After the procedure, virtually all women find that bras and clothes fit and look better than ever before.

Functional benefits

Large breasts can also be a physical burden, especially for women with smaller frames. For women who have been living with chronic back, shoulder, or neck pain, breast reduction surgery provides immediate pain relief, decreases musculoskeletal stress, helps improve posture and mobility, and reduces the risk of developing future back dysfunction.

Because bigger breasts are often uncomfortable during athletic or high-impact activities, breast reduction surgery can also help women rediscover a more active lifestyle. In fact, many women say that the procedure allows them to be physically active for the first time since they were young teenagers.

Results you can depend on

Although each woman has her own reasons for wanting smaller breasts or a more balanced figure, knowing that the procedure has an exceptionally high satisfaction rate can help make the decision all the more appealing — and sensible.

If you’d like to explore how breast reduction can help you, call our office in Jefferson Valley, New York, or use our convenient online booking tool to schedule a consultation with Dr. Thakur.

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