Where Can I Have Hair Removed?

Men and women may have different goals when it comes to their body aesthetics, but there’s one thing everyone can agree on: Few things are as sexy as silky, smooth skin. That’s why laser hair removal is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments for both men and women in the United States, with more than a million performed every year.

With practices in Middletown and Jefferson Valley, New York, Mrudangi S. Thakur, MD, offers laser hair removal using both the Cutera®️ and the Cynosure®️ laser systems, so every patient can get the custom treatment they need for optimal results and smooth, sexy skin.

If you’re wondering if laser hair removal can get rid of your unwanted hair — and where it works — here’s what you should know.

Laser hair removal 101

Laser hair removal works by targeting individual hairs in the treatment zone with precise bursts of laser energy. The energy is absorbed by the hair shaft, which transports the energy as heat down to the root. The heat damages the follicle supporting the root, preventing or inhibiting hair from regrowing.

During treatment, Dr. Thakur passes the laser handpiece slowly over the treatment zone. The laser emits pulses of laser energy to zap individual hairs. It doesn’t hurt, and it doesn't damage your skin: The energy is precisely modulated for your skin type, hair texture, and other factors so your treatment is effective and comfortable.

Because dark pigments absorb more heat, laser hair removal tends to work best with people with darker hair. However, both Cutera and Cynosure have advanced design technology that supports successful hair removal in people with all different hair colors and skin tones. That means you can enjoy smoother, sexier skin, whether your hair is dark, fair, or a shade in between.

Top treatment areas

One of the biggest benefits of laser hair removal is that Dr. Thakur can safely perform it on just about any part of your body, including:

Each area can be treated in a single season, or you may be able to have multiple areas treated during the same office visit. 

One thing to remember: Although you can have hair removed in most areas of your body, your recovery might feel a little different depending on the body part treated. Overall, areas that are more sensitive — like your underarms or bikini area — might feel more tender afterward compared to less sensitive spots like your legs or forearms.

Applying ice to the area after your treatment is a good way to reduce stinging, redness, and minor puffiness that might occur.

Enjoy smoother, sexier skin

Laser hair removal is most effective when hair is in its growth phase, one of three phases in the hair growth cycle. Because individual hairs in the treatment area are in different phases at any given time, most patients need a series of laser treatments to ensure every hair is treated at the optimum time.

Don’t let unwanted hair keep you from feeling your confident best this summer. Call the office near you, or book an appointment online to learn more about where laser hair removal can work for you.

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