What Are My Options for Losing Fat from Problem Areas?

Even with perfect diet and exercise, it can be difficult to sculpt and smooth the problem areas on your body. However, technological and medical advancements make it easier than ever to banish fat and get the look you want.

Dr. Mrudangi S. Thakur, a board-certified plastic surgeon with offices in Jefferson Valley and Middletown, New York, provides surgical and nonsurgical options for people looking to slim down and sculpt their bodies. Here, we explain what makes each option unique to help you learn which one might be right for you.

Liposuction: The classic way to slim your problem areas

If you’ve been looking into how to sculpt your body and get rid of fat, you’ve probably already come across liposuction. Liposuction is a very common procedure that eliminates fat from areas such as your stomach, hips, thighs, and upper arms. It delivers quick results that keep you looking and feeling great. 

In traditional or tumescent liposuction, Dr. Thakur removes fat from your problem areas using a tube called a cannula and a vacuum suction. Your recovery after the procedure takes a couple of weeks, but you see the results as soon as the swelling subsides. As long as you maintain healthy lifestyle changes, your new look is permanent.

Lipo results, without the downtime

Can you take advantage of state-of-the-art body sculpting if you don’t have the time for weeks of downtime? We offer alternatives to traditional lipo, too, which deliver noticeable results and melt fat without the lengthy recovery needed for traditional liposuction surgery.


One such procedure is BodyTite, a fat-burning and suctioning procedure that is less invasive than traditional liposuction and requires less downtime. BodyTite is radiofrequency assisted lipolysis (RFAL), which heats and melts fat cells while also triggering collagen production to tighten the skin in your problem area.

This one-treatment procedure doesn’t require stitches because the incisions are very small. Your recovery time — just one to 10 days — is drastically reduced compared to traditional lipo.


Another minimally invasive procedure that banishes fat from trouble areas is SmartLipo, a liposuction-style procedure that involves less downtime and less discomfort than traditional lipo. This procedure uses the thermal energy of a laser to target unwanted fat.

During a SmartLipo appointment, Dr. Thakur inserts laser fiber through a small incision to melt your stubborn fat cells before gently suctioning them out. Not only is your excess body fat removed during a SmartLipo procedure, but the laser technology also helps tighten your skin to your new shape during the process. Most patients need only one treatment to get the results they want.

TruSculpt 3D

While both BodyTite and SmartLipo are minimally invasive procedures with great results, Dr. Thakur also offers noninvasive procedures such as truSculpt 3D. Like BodyTite, truSculpt 3D uses radiofrequency energy to disrupt and damage fat cells while maintaining a comfortable temperature for your skin.

However, rather than removing the targeted tissue through small incisions, your body naturally processes and excretes these damaged cells over time — you see your results more gradually. Because truSculpt 3D uses a noninvasive gliding handpiece, a one-hour session can treat large problem areas like your abdomen and flanks. For best results, you may need more than one treatment.

Tummy tucks: Keeping you looking fit

Liposuction is first and foremost a fat removal procedure. But what if you’ve lost weight but are still struggling to achieve a svelte look due to excess skin, pockets of fat, and weak abdominal muscles? In this case, a tummy tuck can help you regain your confidence by firming up your abdomen.

Before you opt for a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, Dr. Thakur talks to you about your main concerns regarding the appearance of your abdominal area. She confirms that you intend to maintain a healthy weight and that you aren’t planning to become pregnant.

While you’re in surgery, Dr. Thakur carefully removes excess skin and fat tissue in your abdomen and she can reposition your abdominal muscles so that they can heal from past strain — for example, from pregnancy or carrying significant weight. Your recovery time depends on the extent of your procedure, but you should expect to avoid strenuous activity for six weeks. 

If you’re looking to blast away fat from your problem areas, our office provides several surgical and nonsurgical options to help you shape the figure of your dreams. Schedule a consultation online with Dr. Thakur today. You can also make your appointment over the phone by calling our Jefferson Valley office at 914-246-0875 or our Middletown office at 845-243-3852.

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