Understanding the 3 Components of truSculpt® Flex

Understanding the 3 Components of truSculpt® Flex

Today, there are several noninvasive medical treatments designed to help get rid of stubborn fat on your abdomen, thighs, and other areas. As great as it can be to slim down those trouble spots, if you’re looking for muscle definition and a body that looks fit and toned, fat removal alone can’t do it. That's when truSculpt® Flex can help.

TruSculpt Flex uses advanced technology to stimulate muscles, sculpting and defining them so you look and feel more fit and toned. At her practices in Middletown and Jefferson Valley, New York, Mrudangi S. Thakur, MD, offers this noninvasive treatment to help women and men get the toned look they want — without surgery or downtime.

How truSculpt Flex works

Exercise achieves muscle definition by spurring muscle growth and development. As your muscles are challenged by repeated physical workouts, they respond by breaking down and then rebuilding — larger and stronger. 

Crunches, squats, and other exercises increase muscle over time — sometimes over a period of weeks or months. With each workout, your muscle fibers are challenged and rebuilt to get the sculpted, toned look you want.

TruSculpt Flex achieves the same effect without exercise and in a fraction of the time of traditional workouts. The Flex system uses multi-directional stimulation (MDS) to tone up to eight areas at once, with most patients benefiting from a series of 4-6 treatments spaced out over a period of weeks.

How effective is truSculpt Flex? The manufacturer’s website says just one 45-minute Flex treatment is the equivalent of up to 54,000 crunches. But unlike traditional exercise, truSculpt Flex doesn’t cause a significant increase in lactic acid, which means that while you may have some tenderness in the area after your treatment, you won’t have the lingering cramps and deep soreness that follows an intense workout.

Three phases of truSculpt Flex

Every person’s body responds differently to exercise, and every person has their own goals when it comes to defining their muscles. Dr. Thakur customizes each truSculpt Flex treatment regimen to suit those factors, and that means fine-tuning each of the three phases of this remarkable treatment.

1. Prep phase

The prep component of truSculpt Flex prepares your muscles by implementing a gentle twist motion aimed at increasing circulation and warming up your muscles. This phase makes your muscles more receptive and responsive during the remaining two phases.

2. Tone phase

The tone phase uses a series of timed muscle contractions, gradually increasing them to the point of exhaustion. Then, the contraction is released and relaxed until the next series of contractions. This phase helps build endurance while improving overall muscle tone.

3. Sculpt phase

In the sculpt phase, the device delivers rapid, deep contractions aimed at building muscle tissue to increase muscle size and definition while boosting your metabolic rate. Like the previous two phases, the sculpt phase is customized for your body and goals, and treatment is monitored and adjusted as needed.

Noninvasive truSculpt Flex can be a great choice for people looking to improve their muscle tone and definition quickly. To learn how truSculpt Flex can enhance your physique, call the office convenient to you or book an appointment online today.

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