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Reshape Your Butt With BodyTite

If you’ve struggled with uneven fat and loose skin on your buttocks, you’re probably looking for a new way to whip your butt into shape. Dr. Mrudangi S. Thakur and her team in Jefferson Valley and Middletown, New York, are here to help. 

In this article, we explain how the popular BodyTite procedure melts fat and shapes your body and why our office is proud to offer it. BodyTite tightens tissue without a lot of downtime, and 77% of RealSelf users rate it as “worth it.” 

A unique approach to shaping your figure

Central to the magic of BodyTite is a process called radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis (RFAL). This process applies thermal energy to your target areas so unwanted fat literally melts away. It can sculpt your body to give it a natural and healthy look.

BodyTite is kinder to your body than liposuction because it doesn’t require stitches or a long recovery time. Your downtime after BodyTite can be anywhere from 1-10 days, and you get to see your results almost instantly.

How a BodyTite session works

During a BodyTite procedure, you receive local and oral sedation. Dr. Thakur makes small incisions at the site of your problem areas and infuses an IV drip with lidocaine into the areas of treatment.

Dr. Thakur then uses the special BodyTite wand to heat the problem tissue to about 50 degrees Celsius using radiofrequency. One of the innovative parts of the BodyTite procedure is that as the fat melts away, your skin tightens as well.

The BodyTite process is straightforward, and compared with other fat reduction techniques like liposuction, this procedure offers benefits like skin tightening and contouring with little to no scarring.

After undergoing BodyTite treatments, Dr. Thakur recommends wearing a compression garment to help with swelling, but you should see your results in as little as two weeks. 

Is BodyTite right for you?

If you’ve experienced weight fluctuations due to pregnancy, aging, or dieting, you may have excess skin as well as uneven fat distribution. BodyTite might be your best fat removal option because it offers significant fat reduction as well as skin tightening, giving you a smoother, more sculpted look.  

Like many surgical procedures, BodyTite delivers the best results to patients who have prepared for it. BodyTite is ideal for patients who are as close to their ideal weight as possible, who are in good medical health, and who keep up a healthy diet and exercise routine.

If you’re considering BodyTite and want to find out if it’s the right procedure to reshape your butt, contact Dr. Thakur for a personal consultation. You call the office convenient to you or book an appointment using our online tool today.

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