5 Benefits of BodyTite and FaceTite

FaceTite and BodyTite are fat removal procedures that can quickly slim and contour your face and body with little to no downtime. In addition to melting excess fat, these state-of-the-art treatments also tighten your surrounding skin, creating a smoother and more sculpted look.

With offices in Jefferson Valley and Middletown, New York, Dr. Mrudangi S. Thakur can help you reshape your body no matter where you have excess fat. Here are five top benefits of BodyTite and FaceTite. 

1. Stubborn fat removal

If you’ve got stubborn fat deposits around your waist, hips, thighs, or elsewhere on your body, BodyTite can melt the fat quickly. And FaceTite can help reverse the appearance of sagging jowls or double chins. 

Both BodyTite and FaceTite work by using a technique known as radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis (RFAL). During your procedure, Dr. Thakur uses a patented handpiece with two probes, inserting one probe through a small incision at your problem area. Radiofrequency energy travels between the two probes, melting fat cells quickly and effectively.

2. Skin tightening

For many patients, BodyTite and FaceTite are more attractive than similar procedures because of their skin tightening effects, preventing the loose skin that’s often associated with other forms of rapid fat reduction. 

The BodyTite and the FaceTite handpieces both use radiofrequency technology as the primary method of fat reduction, but radiofrequency energy also has the added boost of tightening your skin through a process known as coagulation. Radiofrequency energy also boosts collagen production so your treated skin is more supple and youthful. 

3. Minimal downtime 

Unlike traditional liposuction, which may require stitches and a few weeks of recovery, BodyTite and FaceTite are minimally invasive so you can get back to your normal activities more quickly. Your procedure takes place in the office under local and oral sedation and uses very small incisions that don’t require stitches. 

After your BodyTite or FaceTite procedure, you should be able to return to normal activities within two weeks, but Dr. Thakur recommends wearing a compression garment for a few months. The compression garment reduces your swelling and can help ensure optimal results. 

4. Immediate results

A single session of BodyTite or FaceTite can take as little as a half-hour, offering you results quickly. Because BodyTite and FaceTite both involve fat removal, you should be able to see a leaner contour immediately. However, you may experience some swelling after the procedure, so you see your full results after the swelling goes down.

5. Long-lasting effects

Because BodyTite and FaceTite remove the fat for good and contract the surrounding tissues, you can expect your results to last for years as long as you maintain the same weight. 

Radiofrequency-assisted liposuction can help smooth and contour your appearance with minimal downtime. If you’re ready for a slimmer, more sculpted look, call Dr. Thakur at one of our two conveniently located offices, or book an appointment online

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