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How to Reduce Your Double Chin Without Surgery

Double chins can make you look and feel older than you’d like. Turn back time with the FaceTite procedure, a minimally invasive treatment that reduces your double chin and improves the contour of your jawline.

Sep 22nd, 2020
Reshape Your Butt With BodyTite

Are you looking for a better way to get your butt into shape? Learn more about BodyTite, a sleek and simple procedure that melts fat fast and tightens your buttocks to shape your figure without a long recovery time.

Aug 21st, 2020
What to Expect After Breast Augmentation

If you’re considering breast augmentation, you might be wondering about what the recovery process might be like. Read on to learn more about general recovery times, side effects, and post-operative care.

Jul 28th, 2020
Bothered by Your Muffin Top? We Can Help

Muffin top, love handles, beer belly: People have many names to describe stubborn abdominal fat. Luckily, we offer numerous treatments to banish your belly fat, too. Read on to find out about your options.

Jun 18th, 2020
What Are My Options for Losing Fat from Problem Areas?

Are you struggling with a muffin top, love handles, or another problem area? Do you want to sculpt your body, but you don’t know where to start? Learn more about the fat reduction services our office provides, all tailored to your specific needs.

May 15th, 2020
Why Secret RF Has Such a High Satisfaction Rate

Are you unhappy with the texture and appearance of your skin? Secret™ RF is a fractional radiofrequency (RF) microneedling procedure that can minimize wrinkles, acne scars, skin laxity, and hyperpigmentation. Find out why it’s so popular.

Apr 9th, 2020
BodyTite Banishes Unwanted Fat and Tightens Skin

Are you ready to banish fat and tighten skin around your waist, thighs, arms, and other areas, but not ready for major surgery or a long recovery? Minimally invasive BodyTite body contouring may be right for you.

Mar 13th, 2020
Restore Lost Facial Volume With Sculptra® Aesthetic

Starting at age 18, your skin loses collagen every year. By the time you’re in your 40s or 50s, you notice that missing collagen in the form of wrinkles and lost facial volume. Here’s how Sculptra Aesthetic® rebuilds collagen and restores volume.

Jan 15th, 2020
Get a More Youthful Appearance with Facetite

It used to be that the road to a more youthful face came at the edge of a knife. We now offer a minimally invasive procedure that offers incredible results, with minimal downtime — FaceTite.

Jul 16th, 2019
What is a Nano Fat Transfer and How Can It Benefit Me?

Don’t let wrinkles, dark eye circles, flattened cheeks, and saggy skin make you look older than you feel. Find out how a nano fat transfer can revitalize your skin, rejuvenate your face, and reverse the most common signs of early aging.

Jun 20th, 2019
Reduce Signs of Aging and Other Skin Flaws With Morpheus8

Tired of fine lines, wrinkles, and loose, saggy skin? Find out how the Morpheus8 combines stimulating microneedling with therapeutic radiofrequency (RF) energy to help you revitalize your skin — and turn back the hands of time — from the inside out.

May 28th, 2019
Tattoo Regret? Laser Tattoo Removal has Never Been Easier

At the time, forever sounded about right as the tattoo artist finished decorating your skin. But now, forever sounds a bit too long, and you’re having tattoo regrets. Thanks to advances in laser technology, your tattoo doesn’t have to be forever.

Apr 3rd, 2019
Improve Your Face and Skin Laxity With FaceTite

Although plastic surgery was once the only way to address saggy facial skin, aesthetic medicine advances make it possible to improve facial skin laxity without going under the knife. Find out how FaceTite can help you take years off your appearance.

Dec 7th, 2018
Feel Healthier with Tummy Tuck Surgery

Tummy tuck surgery, or abdominoplasty, can dramatically improve your midsection by giving you a flat, firm abdomen and eliminating saggy skin. But did you know it can also help you feel healthier? Here’s how.

Nov 13th, 2018
Fat Transfers and Microneedling for Hands

Your hands are one of the first areas of your body where common signs of aging emerge. Here’s how fat transfers and microneedling can help you rejuvenate your hands and help them from giving away your age.

Oct 25th, 2018
How You Can Eliminate a Double Chin

If you’re bothered by excess chin fat, you’re not alone: More than three in five people with submental fullness, or a “double chin,” wish they could eliminate stubborn chin fat for good. Kybella® neck lift injections can do exactly that!

Jul 12th, 2018
Breast Augmentation: More Choices Than Ever

Whether you’re unhappy by the appearance of your breasts due to weight loss or pregnancy or you’ve always wanted a change, many choices exist to resize and reshape them. Read on to find out more about your options.

Jun 20th, 2018
Remedy Facial Discoloration with PicoSure®

If facial discoloration makes you self-conscious, consider PicoSure® state-of-the-art laser treatment. Dr. Mrudangi S. Thakur can help you reclaim younger-looking, even-toned skin with this breakthrough technology. Read on to learn more.

May 29th, 2018
Everything You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is effective, safe, and can be used nearly anywhere on your body. With only a few laser treatments, women and men can look forward to permanent hair removal and smooth skin without the hassle of daily shaving or plucking.

Mar 16th, 2018